Sogetsu ikebana is a three-dimensional artistic expression composed of flower and plant materials arranged in a vase. Although Sogetsu derives from Japanese tradition, it is now blooming all over the world as a sculptural art form. In particular, Sogetsu promotes an ikebana of no limits in which plant materials of any type are used to be displayed anywhere and in any circumstance. It is up to the aesthetic awareness of the individual ikebana arranger to compose the materials, choose their most beautiful aspects, order them, and endow them with a value or feeling transcending that which they had in nature. As people diverse from each other, the students of Sogetsu are encouraged to create sculptural compositions that are individualistic and imaginative.

This is particularly true of Sogetsu in the New York City area. For more than thirty years Sogetsu New York Branch has provided ikebana lessons to eager students. These classes are one part of New York Branch’s educational mission that includes exhibitions, demonstrations, and workshops.

More information regarding Sogetsu New York Branch, teachers and classes can be requested at sogetsuny@gmail.com.  To study Sogetsu, see the Study Sogetsu tab for a list of teachers in the tri-state area.